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By Jon HĂ„tveit  Sunday March 26th, 2010  Return to News


Klaus Finne from Voss in Norway lands perfect double 12s to take him to the top of the podium standing beside fellow Norwegian Fritjof Fredrikson in second place and Finn Pekka Hyysalo in third place.


This evening saw the penultmate highlight of Andreas Håtveits four day Backyard Battle contest in his own self built backyard park.In the exciting head to head knock out final in Andreas Håtveits self built backyard park. Three of the none qualified riders stepped up as judges, Elvis Harsheim, PK Hunder and Sigbjørn Tveit.


Eight qualified riders began competing in the quarter finals under the head-to-head format. Pekka Hyysalo knocked out fellow Finn AJ Kemppainen with a run of double cork 12, switch double 10 and switch 10. Klaus Finne knocked out Thomas Dølplads who laid down double 10s and 12s. Fritjof Fredrikson knocked out PC Fosse with excellent double 12s to PC Fosses own double 12 whilst Alexander Aurdal delivery perfect style knocked out Gaute Silseth with a switch 9 mute and a 7 nose grab.


In the finals Klaus Finne landed a technically perfec switch double 12 against Fritjof Fredriksons double 10. In the next run Fritjof landed a very stylish double 10 switch but lost his footing on the landing and stumbled. The coast was then clear for Klaus Finne to lay down a clean switch double 10 and take the first place podium spot.

Andreas Håtveit said:

“I am very satisfied with the evening. The standard of riding was a high as I see in any competition and it was great having some of the guys doing the judging. Klaus Finne did some amazing double 12s and he deserves all the credit for first place.

In regard to the four day event Andreas said:

All week the athmosphere has been really excellent, all the riders have had a great time with no stress or arguments about judging or living conditions. The weather was mixed but with night light set ups we never for a moment got worried about having to cancel or delay any part of the contest. I am already looking forward to next year, I have so many ideas on how to expand the event and hopefully the park will be bigger so we can do a lot more.”


Klaus Finne said:

“Earlier in the day when I was drawn against Thomas Dølplads I thought he would knock me out as he is a much better skier than me. I was not riding particulary special earlier duing the practice but I just had a good feeling when I was on the top of the in-run and everything came together. So I am really stoked to get first place!”


The Big Air contest brings to an end Andreas Håtveits four day Backyard Battle event. The event has been filmed and edited into a broadcast documentary which will be shown on several TV channels in Europe.

Link: BYB Final Movie
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