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By Jon HĂ„tveit  Tuesday December 24th, 2008  Return to News

See STRIKE for free! Merry Christmas!

Filmed in high quality high definition video in Europe and the USA as well as’s home base Scandinavia, Strike brings some of the biggest names in freeskiing to the screen in 30 minutes of rapid adrenaline action. Big names include Rory Bushfiled, Seth Morrison, Jakob Wester, Andreas HĂ„tveit, Henrik Windstedt, Candide Thovex and Charles Gagnier.

Freeskiing taken to a higher level
Stike shows freesking at it’s highest level yet which includes highlights like an amazing 35 foot (10 metre) flatspin from Andreas HĂ„tveit while fellow Scandinavian, Henrik Windstedt is seen doing a 900 mute on the giant step at the Candide Invitational. Also included are TJ Sciller’s winning performance at both the US Open and Gravity Games as well as Grete Eliasson doing some sick rails whilst Charles Gagnier entertains with some huge 900s and an awesome 810 to rail.

Freeride included
As well as freeskiing, Stike includes excellent freeride footage from leading american Seth Morrison and world class swede Sverre Liliequist. Also included is Norway’s John-HĂ„vard GrĂžgaard doing a 360 over the big road gap at St. Anton and brilliant stuff from fellow norwegian Magnus Tveito.

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