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Andreas HĂ„tveit Injured at Zurich Freestyle
By Jon HĂ„tveit  Wednesday October 16th, 2008  Return to News

2008 X-Games Gold medallist and Norway’s top freeskier Andreas HĂ„tveit expected to be back skiing in December


Andreas HĂ„tveit suffered a knee injury during the practice session of the Zurich Freestyle event on Saturday 27 September. Andreas was taken to the local medical centre and was fit enough to return to the event the same afternoon to be a spectator. He returned to Norway the following day Sunday 28 September.

Medical Status
Following his return to Oslo, Andreas undertook fast consultation at the specialist medical centre Unilab in Oslo where Andreas had an MR scan.

Following evaluation of the scan and examination results it was discovered that the MCL had been torn. A small recoverable tear was discovered in his ACL. Andreas will not need surgery and he is expected to make a slow recovery over the next two months. Andreas expects to be skiing in December and to be back at competitive level skiing in January 2009 where he hopes to defend his X-Games gold medal title.


Regarding the accident Andreas says: “I was doing a cork 1080 and did the trick perfectly but landed too short due to the slow speed on the jump.”

Regarding his condition Andreas says: “I have been really lucky in my skiing career so far not to suffer any major injuries and so although it is not nice to be injured I am not complaining. I am just so pleased this happened now and not in mid-season and that it was not as bad as it could have been. I had a lucky escape and am much relieved that it looks like I will still be able to do everything I planned to do in regard to skiing and filming in 2009.”

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