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By Jon HÃ¥tveit  Monday April 8th, 2008  Return to News

For the past 10 days, 10 teams have worked themselves to the bone — skiing, filming, editing — to create their very best video segment, here at the Jon Olsson Super Sessions in Are, Sweden.

With the feel of a red carpet event in the air, athletes arrived at the theater via cadillac, with the exception of Team Jon Olsson, who made their entrance in a heli, strutting their stuff in their tuxedos. The Mix Megapol Arena packed in roughly 2,000 eager fans, poised to take in all the ski porn and lifestyle filming and photography being shown. And after each video that is shown, the crowd’s cheers were measured, with the loudest acclaim winning the Oakley People’s Choice award.

Every video had something to offer (in their running order):

Team Carlson’s video was a smattering of insane urban, big hits and lifestyle photos, the highlight being filmer Dominique Janiszewski’s paraglider follow-cams on the huge JOI style Red Bull jump. Super-photographer Nate Abbot put together the most complete (and highest quantity) slideshow of the event.

Oscar Scherlin’s team experimented with mic-ing, giving insight into what a rider thinks and see. To compliment it, his film edit had some pipe, as well as the crowd-pleasing double flips.

Peter Olenick’s team went with a Dateline Special report style parody skit of Peter and his lifestyle. Which was then followed by his skiing on the Red Bull JOI jump, ending with an epic slideshow of action and lifestyle that will shock as well as amaze, thanks to his teamwork with Charles Spina.

Andreas Hatveit’s video had to overocme some technical issues, but when shown, blew the audience away with filmer Jon Hatveit’s follow- and lead-cam angles, which compliments Andreas’ ability to do every trick — both ways. Finishing the piece off was some nice action by photographer Veggie B (Vegard Breie).

Mike Clarke, who has had horribly bad luck this trip, showed the reality behind his trip, as well as some of the best Snowblade action ever captured. Mixing Clarke’s signature tricks with a humble sense of humor, and the incredible filming of Drew ‘Fatman’ Lederer, Team Mike Clarke had quite the crowd pleaser.

Jacob Wester’s team had some technical issues as well, but all the difficulties were forgotten during sequences of Jacob’s triple line by Ben Zucker, as well as his incredible double corks captured from the heli.

Henrik Harlaut mashed together the super features footage, with gritty urban rails and park footy, creating the most out-of-the-box video seen that night. Henrik’s footage and stills kept up with the rest of the crew, and he’s only 16 (or maybe still 15).

The Dumont’s team edited the cleanest, most well-rounded video of the competition. Seamlessly incorporating Blake Jorgenson’s stills with into heli footage and urban footage. With one of the only cohesive intros, team Dumont’s video easily won the Oakley People’s Choice award.

Team Colby West started their video with Colby imitating Jon, Candide, Pep and Simon, on and off the hill, cutting up the whole house with laughter. Then followed the humor with Colby’s 10 days of incredible riding, spicing things up with Damian Cromwell’s stills.

Team Jon Olsson, with a very articulate (and self-deprecating) video intro about his life of winning third place, wowed the crowd with incredible cinematography (and acting). Despite Jon’s slight injury, the team still showcased some of the best riding of the week, capturing the double-flip king from every angle. Trick after trick flawless.

But in the end, it was Team Carlson who took home top honors, narrowly ahead of Team Dumont. With 10 videos in the bag, the crowd cheering and lusting for more, Jon Olsson Super Sessions came to a very successful close. Next year, Jon will most likely do it bigger and better, as he always does. And as always, his event will be one of the most anticipated spots on the calendar.

We are currently working with Jon and all the crews to get you the videos in the easiest and most painless way possible, so be on the lookout.

Huge thanks to Are and Ski Star for all their help with the features and generosity. And thanks to all the sponsors: Oakley, Red Bull, Cross, Parlino, Hotel Tott, Wayfinder, Kombi, Holiday Club, Fisherman’s Friend, POC, Musik Byggett, InnTech, and Packline.

A very special thanks to Peter Sidebo, Olivia, and all the drivers and aides who made everyone’s lives easier and more enjoyable. Big up to Levin Media for getting all the technical issues figured out.

And as always, a huge thanks to Jon Olsson for making this unique event, keeping the progression alive and well, stoking the riders and the industry out. None of this would be possible without his vision and generosity and dedication to the sport.


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