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Tanner Hall Wins X Games Superpipe... Again
By Jon Håtveit  Sunday January 26th, 2008  Return to News

We’re here at pipe finals and the Freeskier crew has divided up in order to conquer the coverage here at Winter X Games 12. On the hill we’ve got Matt Harvey, Shay Williams and Jay Michelfelder behind the lens capturing all the action. Digi Dave is down in the media tent watching the live HD feed and processing information and photos as it comes down from the hill. We’ll be hitting you all up with photos and words immediately after Pipe Finals here at Winter X Games 12!

Finals Results

Final Results:
1. Tanner Hall – 92.33
2. Simon Dumont – 91.00
3. Colby West – 85.00
4. Andreas Hatveit – 81.66
5. Jossi Wells – 75.00
6. Mike Riddle – 70.00
7. Peter Olenick – 65.00
8. Sean Field – 64.00
9. Matt Hayward – 50.44
10 (DNF) Kevin Rolland
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